Dancercise! …For Those With No Moves

The only way I can motivate myself to exercise until I sweat—and I mean real, droplets-flinging-into-my-eyes-like-I-just-got-out-the-shower sweat—is by dancing with wild abandon. And yet I have no rhythm. That’s why I keep the windows closed.

Wait…my blinds collapsed a month ago. Never mind that part.

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Productivity Talk: My Inner Ned, My Inner Homer

When I have a really successful week followed by a slack one, it’s like New Me seeing Old, More Successful Me across the backyard fence. New Me struggles to assemble a pool while Old Me happily trims the bushes.

“Hidely-ho, neighborino!” says Old Me.

“RRRAAAAAUGH!” screams New Me as the pool explodes.

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What Is a LitRPG? A Simple Guide for the Deeply Confused

LitRPGs are like books plus video games. And while most websites defining them will assume you already know a lot about video games, I’ll pretend you’re my mom, who hates them and has no idea what kinds of books I’ve been editing for the past several months.

This explanation will be slow and methodical.

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