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Samples of my progression fantasy and LitRPG editing
provided upon request.

Novels and Web Serials

Invisible Werewolf Dracula
meets Vampire Mummy Frankenstein

“Globetrotting outlaw Dracula finds a powerful ally in an Egyptian crypt—Frankenstein’s monster himself. Can these fiends thwart the werewolf regime and take back the night?”

Also available as an audiobook!

The Demon Lord is Apathetic

“Lord Nightfall should be crushing villagers with an iron fist. Instead that fist stuffs their face with disgusting pizza rolls. But buried in this shapeshifter’s slovenly hide is a warrior who’s been through hell in every sense…”

Also available as an audiobook!


“A six-chapter illustrated light novel about robots, young love, and trauma. Inspired by sci-fi manga like Alien Nine and Figure 17,  it is a rollercoaster of happy fun and total destruction.”

The Maid Got My System

“A fallen prince and his chaotic maid fight for survival with irons and fresh laundry. (Tip: at Level 9 you’ll unlock Ironing Board.)”

Comics and Zines

Carrot Informer Magazine

“From a gnarly world where rabbits rock comes a magazine that will make YOU feel like a kid brainwashed by a multimedia megafranchise again! A parody of 90s cheese…I mean, carrots.”

StarCrash!! with Jeff

“A pretentious alien and three hapless teenagers fight for peace and justice in the Milky Way. Nothing can stop these ambassadors—except fatigue, incompetence, general moral ambiguity, and lobsters.”

Nine Surprising Facts
and a Lie

“Can’t say you know me until you’ve read this.”

Artwork for Magical Heroines?!

“A story about life, love, growing up, and slowly alienating everyone you know because you were actually pretty rude from the start. I don’t actually know Japanese! Let’s get FUBAR!!”

Comic by Handspike.

Table Manners

“Morgan Harding, Atlanta’s hapless cyber-augmented hero, faces their greatest enemy yet: their sister. At dinner.”

A side story for ATL: Stories from the Retrofuture by B. A. Baker

Other Fiction


Blasé Ace

5-minute kinetic novel with LGBTQ+ characters and themes

“Anime clichés just don’t hit the same when you’re sex-averse. Maybe you’re not bawling over how this guy slipped face-first into your crotch. You might not even be disturbed, just…like…confused?

“Join NB student Beverly Nicks on a short, funny, positive, be-yourselfy kind of a journey.”

Our Powers Combined!

Solo TTRPG with rules-lite, narrative-driven gameplay

“The terrible Lord Hazard is feeding upon another world. Wherever Hazard’s minions go, plants wilt, happiness fades, and the essence of the planet itself is sucked out. That’s where you come in. Whether you’re a teenager with attitude, a team of heroic ponies, or a friendly neighborhood magical warrior, you have been summoned as this world’s only hope!”

Visual Art


  • “I See my Hand Alight upon my Face,” Alloy Literary Magazine, 2019.