Top 5 Most Epic Blondie Movie Endings (Without Context)

Are you a Blondie superfan? Neither am I. Thanks to my funnypaper-reading daddie and my movie buff mommie, though, I’ve absorbed Blondie knowledge all my life against my will. Here are my picks for the top 5 most entertaining Blondie movies, ranked purely by their last 5-50 seconds of runtime.

Dishonorable Mention: The last 21 seconds of “Blondie’s Blessed Event” (1942)

What exactly is so “blessed” about a boy tippy-tapping his own chest and winking is anyone’s guess.

#5: The last 12 seconds of “Footlight Glamour” (1943)

If I saw a young girl appear with 5 tiny dogs and say “womeo oh womeo,” I would groan in agony and backflip in slow motion too.

#4: The last 17 seconds of “Blondie’s Big Moment” (1947)

Some may say the most important part of this scene is the double entendre. I would say it’s the dog groaning and backflipping in slow motion.

#3: The last 24 seconds of “It’s A Great Life” (1945)

There’s no backflipping in this one, but there is some slow motion ear action and even, as a bonus, some mouth action.

#2: The last 18 seconds of “Blondie Hits the Jackpot” (1949)

This one’s trippy.

#1: The last 20 seconds of “Blondie Takes a Vacation” (1939)

Yeah, that’s right. I wrote the whole article just for this. You’re in too deep now.

It’s no wonder Blondie was such a smash-hit phenomenon, one that endures in our hearts to this day. If you want to see my other opinions on aging media or dogs, well, get outta here and click some links, bucko. There’s no more for you in Blondietown.

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